​Case study website development of 4hairgain.com by Bettiblue
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​Case study website development: 4hairgain.com

Case study of designing and creating 4hairgain.com

There is nothing that can test your abilities than a sudden challenge that may put you in a different situation. This was the case when 4hairgain.com asked put team to blend two hair care brands together in one shop. The first is herbal green packaging from company 4haircare and the second is blue medicinal style bottles from Medici Capelli range.

At the first glance, it would seem simple and easy to do. However, our team had to think twice before starting the project. We took our time to approach the project from different side starting from the site design to the blog and community. We know that sites as such need an elegant view in order to catch customers especially that the business deals with beauty. So, these are the main areas we worked on:

• The front page: we designed a very nice chic logo that goes hand to hand with the kind of business. There are also small icons on the top right that should facilitate browsing the site and go straight to the destination needed.

Color and style: The site background is set in grey and black which are known to be elegant colors. Grey and green are blended together smoothly to create a beauty tone to the site.

website-4hairgain-medici-capelli-case-study website development

Visitors of the site will have a nice graphic view when looking at the Mobile Slide show. The slides give a clear impression to users about some of the products and some information about them. It is also easy to manually move from one slide to the other.

medici-capelli-for-hair-loss-Case study website development

Content and blogging: Bettieblue and his team had to create a content related to the business so as the customers not only benefit from the products of the company, but also share information and experiences they had about the products as well. There is much information about the products provided by the company. In addition, there are many tips for users to take care of their natural hair and avoid hair loss.

medici-capelli-for-hair-loss-Case study website development

Administration and Browsing: the site is very easy to browse due to the well organization. There is a set of icons that each has a function. There are also title and subtitles that catch users’ attention. The company’s information is displayed in the top front page for any user who has any question to ask about the product or the business itself.

medici-capelli-for-hair-loss-case study website development

Article “Case study website development” by Nadia Sadak