20 Ways Blog Marketing Efforts from Digital Media Management B2B
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Blog Marketing Efforts in 20 Ways

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30 Jun Blog Marketing Efforts in 20 Ways

Is blog marketing really worth of your time and resources?  For any business seeking to attract and gather an audience, relevant content is an essential requirement. But the creation and keeping update of that content can understandably seem like a daunting task.

Where do you start? What do you create? How much time does it take? Who do you bring to the table?

Content marketers use the phrase, “content curation,” to describe the development of content and  sharing of it in different forms such as blogs, articles, videos, pictures, tweets, podcast or other pieces of digital content.
See the list of Top 20 Content marketing tactics here, where blogging is number 1 Tip.

Many consider a blog a main dish of a content marketing program.

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  • Writing a blog provides an opportunity to establish yourself as thought leader. On your blog, you can share your expertise and know-how with your audience.
  • A blog can be a basis of your social media strategy. A blog provides you with a flexible platform that can be easily connected to other channels to drive traffic both in and out of your blog posts. Since there are less limitations on the size and format of content you can provide a greater context than you are able to do on Linkedin or Twitter.
  • Blog content has a longer shelf life. Unlike content on LinkedIn or Twitter that only appears for a few minutes or hours, blog posts can continue to bring in traffic even days, weeks and months after they are published. If you are getting very good response on some posts, a  re-writing of the popular article, with some amendments and fresher media, may be a good option.
  • A blog can serve as an alternative to a web site. If you are thinking of establishing a web presence for your organization, a business blog may be a more palatable, cheaper alternative than a full blown website.
  • Blogging more important than ever as part of a cohesive content strategy. Blogs are one of the best ways to create a central hub to which all your social media spokes lead. Great content is the backbone of social media, and you need somewhere to house your content. That most often takes the form of a blog.
  • Blogging is a tool. Blogs with compelling and relevant content are the basis for any great social media program. According to the latest research from the Content Marketing Institute, 65% of all B2B companies now leverage blog marketing.
  • At the end of the day, your staff are your greatest brand ambassadors, right? Let them participate in blogging and leaving valuable comments[/list]

Here are 20 ways blog marketing content efforts.

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  1. BLOG POSTS: Are rich with content, serve as outreach for new consumers and are great for capturing the attention of search engines through keywords and regular updates that the search engines value.
  2. EMAILS: Can be a slight adaption of a blog post, perhaps with a different call to action, that goes to an predetermined list of consumers. It has the advantage of tracking exactly who reads your content.  (You have their e-mail addresses). Email’s importance in your marketing can’t be overstated. If you don’t have an educational email newsletter to keep in contact with prospects or to nurture customers, opportunity lost. NEWLETTERS  They can be print or EMAIL . You can distribute by mailing, handing out or e-mailing them.  You can have monthly, quarterly, or even yearly newsletters.  They can be 1 page, 5 pages or 10 pages long.  And finally, you can include all different types of articles, from how-to, company news, and business trends to customer stories, FAQ’s or new product information.
  3. EBOOK:  Take that blog content, edit it, re-purpose it, add value to it. String it together in a logical and coherent manner. Dress it up with pretty pictures and formatting.  E-books as an attractive blog marketing tools at the front end of the sales funnel, as a way to build brands and attract leads, can be killer-effective, but they take a considerable amount of expertise in planning and execution.
  4. WHITE PAPER: With a simple change in tone of your blog post to to educate readers and help people make decisions, white papers are topical reports, on issues that require a lot of explanation. Also known as “conference papers,” “research reports,” or “technical briefs,” they are perfect for demonstrating thought leadership on issues vital to your buyers. 1. Can generate leads. 2. Positions company as a thought-leader. 3. Applicable to print, electronic PDF or digital magazine formats.
  5. IMAGES: Used in any of items mentioned so far are indexed with the search engines. The more you use, the more they make your content more interesting and help your raise search rank. For a blog marketing exercise distribute them on Pinterest  or similar sites.
  6. INFOGRAPHICS: Are growing in popularity for companies hoping to build effective linking strategies as well as execute on viral campaigns because infographics are frequently downloaded and passed around for their visual impact and content.
  7. VIDEO: In and outside a blog is a powerful tool for corporate content marketing strategies of any size. They are are boom for internally produced educational and promotional video projects and consumer-generated video alike. Video Blog or Vblog is another cool blog marketing tool.
  8. LINKS: Everyone wants to know when someone is talking about them. So it is with content marketing. When people link to your site or blog, you can find out through tools like WordPress and Alexa, you can check out who linked to you and form good relationships and can links in return. The end result is you turn into an “authority” in your industry, one of the search engine’s most important criteria.
  9. COMMENTS:  Getting noticed by industry bloggers and establishing a relationship with them over time can be beneficial to your business and your marketing efforts. The relationship can work both ways. Leaving comments that add to the conversation helps boost value of their blog post. Comments also establish links.
  10. EVENTS: 56% or companies with content marketing programs use events to build face-to-face relationships. And 74% and use social media. How’s how blogs help. You may use new Event feature on Google+ for your blog marketing campaigns. Facebook use to be a very good social media for events 3 years ago but now its too spammy.
  11. FACEBOOK: Distribute content from the blog, email or newsletter to your Facebook page and those who “Like” you and extend your influence among fans.
  12. TWITTER: Tweet your content and Re-Tweet the content of others whose content you admire and you have one of the most powerful and cost effective outreach vehicle any company could want for content marketing. In fact, Twitter is defined as a micro-blogging platform.
  13. LINKEDIN:  LinkedIn has 120 million-plus registered users. It couldn’t be easier to share an update with connections that links to your blog. Of those who use it, over two-thirds access it multiple times a week and is fast gaining in terms of share frequency with Facebook and Twitter.
  14. GOOGLE+: Although still trailing behind Facebook and Twitter, every marketer will need a Google+ strategy. Through Google+, you see a photo of yourself in search and pull in metadata you’ve chosen for my Google+ profile. The top blog marketing tool in Google+ in my opinion would be recorded educational Hangouts. More on Google+ read in my other article.
  15. PINTEREST: Is the fastest growing social network since Facebook, you can pin your images and interest to pinboards  (which also link to your Facebook page). If women are your target who make the purchase decision for 90% of all products, Pinterest is 70% female.
  16. PODCASTS: Are an easy way to generate guest content and a quick-turnaround format, podcast can also transcribed to generated rich, written content.
  17. WEBINARS: 46% of companies use webinars and 70% believe they are an effective blogs marketing program. A way to make the most of them is to use your images and videos and make the content as interesting as possible.
  18. SURVEYS: Use online surveys at the end of your blog to get to know your prospects, create a dialogue and lead them to your product or service.
  19. CASE STUDIES: Take examples from your content to build case studies to show customers what in it for them. Based on real-life events, it leverages reader empathy with the featured client to build credibility and trust. Following a simple, three-stage format: challenge, solution, results will give right leverage for your blogs marketing.
  20. USER GENERATED CONTENT: The best advocates for any business are customers themselves. Encourage user-generated content and video. It’s a boon for blog marketing purposes, particularly if you request submissions that fit into your overall content marketing strategy. Ask for testimonials, reviews, and WOM.[/list]

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  14. SpillBean
  15. Bloggapedia
  16. BlogFlux
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  20. Blog Listing

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