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About Us

As you’ve probably gathered, BettiBlue Digital Brand Management is little bit different from other agencies and consultancies. Not only do we specialize in marketing on WIKIPEDIA (which is pretty unusual in itself), plus we offer a truly unique marketing content solutions. We also like to think we have a pretty unique way of working. What makes us smile is seeing our clients get to a point where they can take off and fly on their own. So we try to deliver whatever it is needed to help you get there, whether it’s a one-day training session or a five-year strategic partnership.


We don’t believe in trying to make our clients feel that successfully managing a brand’s social media or developing a brand protection strategy is rocket science. It’s about listening, understanding, imagining and creating.


The most practical solutions are team efforts: strategy needs to evolve from the valid insights; strategy needs to be powerfully executed visually and verbally where social media needs to be a part of the solution, new technologies are part of the progress, looking both inward and outward. By integrating strategy, design, social media, and our unique techniques, we help you to connect and integrate communications across media at the most useful points in the sales cycle. By doing so, each piece will achieve its tactical goal and work hard to build your image and brand in the long run. The result is solutions that are spot-on with your target audiences, are practical, can be implemented cost-effectively and have a real impact on your global position.


Why So Special?

Bettiblue.com has been in business since 2000. 16 Years of Digital Space Experience! We have a base of loyal clients who provide repeat business to us and WOM recommendations. We are small enough to provide a personal service to all our customers and at the same time be a thoroughly professional company. All our projects, regardless the size, are managed personally. BB is at the forefront of using modern up to date and unique, ONE-OFF CONTENT creation TECHNIQUE.


Also, to developing a robust website or social media strategy with various add-in packages, our skills allow us to produce unique marketing products, like video footage taken by the drone or broadcasting video library.


The use of DRONE and BROADCASTING  techniques in our VIDEOGRAPHY MARKETING  is an outstanding package allows for business to be promoted from every possible angle and keep views interested. We take pride in our ability to optimise the conceptual, technical and managerial aspects of all projects that we are involved.

Irina Kalonatchi is a company director that loves placing client’s company on a global stage.

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Irina Kalonatchi
Company Director


Lead Web Developer

Zaki has passion for innovation, technology & research, and the web is his playground.

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