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Black Caviar Concept Development


19 Oct Black Caviar Concept Development

Luxury Brand: Black Caviar Concept

Brand development case study for any brand wishing to project elite luxury appeal by

Web design, Project plans and creation of sites are not the only specialty of Bettiblue team. We work also at developing business content as well as brand names. We believe that the success of any business can’t be completed without a brand name that reflects the kind of business and stands by it forever. Here is the entire story about Black Caviar and how it came to our mind to be as a brand name.

See our concept here: www.bettiblue/black



Having a long thrilling history, Black Caviar has a very shining history. It is n Australian strong horse for racing which hasn’t been defeated in 22 races. This record has not been achieved for about 150 years back, which has made the horse the best runner in the world and this gained the name of WTRR World Champion Sprinter in 2010.

2. RUSSIA: BLACK GOLD What Black caviar means for Russians.

Black Caviar has been considered the black gold in Russia and was thus a national symbol in the 90s.
Caviar is not what we always think to be, an elite product that can be only bought by elite. It was also given in bars and pubs to enhance the selling of beers and encourage thirst just like peanuts. On the other hand, in Russia, caviar was only reserved to rich people, even though the Russians’ love for this delicacy was not to everyone’s taste, like in a famous anecdote about Louis XV of France spitting out Peter the Great’s gift of black caviar.

black-caviar-concept logo


Colors and logo design. THE GOLD. THE SILVER. BLACK.

Colors have been an important part when it comes to creating strong brands for any business, especially that we can guess the meaning of any business just from the color of the brand itself. We can also predict meanings from colors. The kind of color chosen will give a particular look to your business and company logo design. Therefore, we were very careful to choose the colors for this brand.
Accordingly, your sales may be affected if the color of your brand or your company logo design is not to the point or does not go hand to hand with the brand because the color and logo design you will create will be a reflection to your business.

Our choice for the site colors was so simple. We picked black and white + grey + hint of GOLD accents to keep the site warmth and not to be monotonous. The font of the logo is feminine, cursive and traditional.

black-caviar-concept logo

In modern Russia they say –“to feel good in life you need a Black car, a holiday in the Black sea, and eat Black caviar…”

Black Caviar Website Design and Brand Concept developed by   Contact Us for Your New Brand Development.


The sticker label says: I made it!

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