10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest [Infographic]

10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest [Infographic]

If you think that publishing is going through an evolution, then photography is experiencing a revolution.There are happy snappers everywhere. The smartphone with the inbuilt high definition camera is turning everyone into a photographer. Add some software technology with Instagram filters and an ordinary photo is becoming a piece of art. Sites such as Pinterest are also allowing us to share this visual art form in glorious color, creativity, and ease just by pinning images from the screen with a couple of clicks.

The Rise of Social Mobile Commerce

The Fancy has introduced a few new features into its mobile app offering, most notably the ability to buy products (they are reportedly making an average of $50,000 each week from users snapping up the products they fancy). Up until now, users could …

Video Marketing Combined with the Value of Drone.

Video Marketing Combined with the Value of Drone.

90% of online shoppers agree that video is helpful in making shopping decisions. The power of video is incontrovertible, but the power of aerial video taken by drone? Even better. Aerial video can be such an effective marketing tool because it is unconventional. Anyone can get footage of, say, a convention from the ground. But the aerial view of a convention is not an everyday visual.

Probably the two most valuable facets of video are its high engagement and high shareability. Think about it; no other medium includes both visual and auditory senses. That’s essentially what makes videos stand out. It is just as easy for an internet user to share a video as it is to share an article, podcast, or infographic, …

A video marketing strategy for your business

A video marketing strategy tips for your business from Vimeo.


Written by Vimeo staff  Vitaly Shter

“Simple Wikipedia” for business success

Business Success through “Simple Wikipedia”

The Wikipedia page always shows up in Google top searches. It gives credibility and exposure to your company – its the untapped goldmine for your business success.  But is it really simple Wikipedia or it it more complex ? Well, the answers depends how your company prepare for a  Wikipedia page. To make u enjoy “Simple Wikipedia,” we at Bettiblue have listed some steps that your company should follow:-

Ensure Broad-spectrum RR campaign: Maximum mentions in the press, and more visibility at blogs/social media pages makes you more “notable and legitimate”. …

Wikipedia Entry – The Untapped Goldmine For Your Business Success

How Wikipedia Entry Helps Your Business Success

In the era of technology, it remains pivotal for all business to make available credible information to their clients over the internet. Wikipedia is one such popular portal where your company’s listing means higher hits, credibility and great Google search rankings – it is an untapped goldmine of opportunities for any business. Over the last 10 years, Wikipedia has surpassed other social media platforms for its impact since they are the world’s biggest online encyclopedia portal – a portal which is full of Gold for your business. Thus, Wikipedia can be successfully tapped by utilizing it as a marketing gizmo. For small and larger organizations and businesses, getting listed in the Wikipedia portal can prove a bundle of new clients and opportunities. A …

Case Study Brand Development for OZpowder.com

Brand Development case study: Pure Nutritional Powders OZpowder.com Project Components:

Branding Strategy Brand Development & Logo Packaging/Product Development E-commerce Design and Development Blog Mascot/Gravatar Development Web Design and Development

Company’s History and Growth. Ozpowder was founded with a simple idea, that people can save money by buying what they want, not what they don’t want. Ozpowder offers a variety of pure nutritional powders, oils as well as the tools necessary for you to accurately measure your supplements and make your own custom supplement blends and formulations using your own ingredients.

How is shopping at Ozpowder.com different from shopping at any other online supplement store? At Ozpowder you won’t find a lot of products filled with extra ingredients that you probably …

Case study of designing and creating 4hairgain.com – Hair Growth Site

Case study of designing website 4hairgain.com

There is nothing that can test your abilities than a sudden challenge that may put you in a different situation. This was the case when 4hairgain.com asked put team to blend two hair care brands together in one shop. The first is herbal green packaging from company 4haircare and the second is blue medicinal style bottles from Medici Capelli range.

At the first glance, it would seem simple and easy to do. However, our team had to think twice before starting the project. We took our time to approach the project from different side starting the site design to the blog and community. We know that sites as such need an elegant view in order to catch customers …

Responsive Mobile Design is New Requirement for Modern Site.

Responsive Mobile Design Trend: be mobile-friendly.

An excellent slide to help you understand why Responsive Mobile Design it’s the latest web development trends and how you can implement it in your designs. Your Users are expecting mobile-friendliness. Google has nominated Responsive Mobile Design as an SEO best practice.

Responsive Mobile Design from Livefront The acceleration of users accessing Web content from mobile devices rather than traditional desktop and laptop computers has posed a difficult challenge to webmasters: how should websites be presented to mobile visitors? There are a number of design and UX considerations, coupled with the realities of fragmented mobile OS and device ecosystems that make this very …

Black Caviar Concept Development

Luxury Brand: Black Caviar Concept Brand development case study for any brand wishing to project elite luxury appeal by Bettiblue.com

Web design, Project plans and creation of sites are not the only specialty of Bettiblue team. We work also at developing business content as well as brand names. We believe that the success of any business can’t be completed without a brand name that reflects the kind of business and stands by it forever. Here is the entire story about Black Caviar and how it came to our mind to be as a brand name.

See our concept here: www.bettiblue/black



Having a long thrilling history, Black Caviar has a very shining history. It is n Australian strong …

Case Study Concept for BondiClub.com

Case study of design, branding and business concept in the process of development.

New ideas, new concepts and a distinguished style are what made our work a success.

Bettiblue Team works hard to make any business of our client on the top of his competitors. Following is an example of a club concept and brand development proposal from our team. We worked on everything from design and branding to the business plan.

The brief was to reposition the brand creating a broader understanding as to what Bondi Culture is about, considering the values, services and overall offering. The message needed to have an emotional link to the consumer and position Bondi Club as the name synonymous with Bondi community, fitness and self improvement. Bettiblue Team have delivered an integrated campaign …