Case Study Development of Brand Asset Protection Website by Bettiblue
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Case Study: Development of Website

Case Study Development of Brand Asset Protection Website by Bettiblue Agency

Site for Security Brand Asset Protection Company. When talking about web design, we do not only focus on web development. We, BettiBlue team, think of creative search friendly programming, usability, accessibility, branding and awesome graphics all mixed in one amazing site. We take our time to study each client’s needs and reflect that on the final result.

Nanotag Technology Pty Ltd hired our services to build their site from scratch. Being a starting company, they had basic branding, not to many media publication and thus no internet content. They wanted to have a competitive edge by using the site to bring potential clients. Accordingly, we had to work on different areas to create a great web design and help the company stand out the crowd:



The front page:
Visitors of the site will have a nice graphic view when looking at the Mobile Slide show. The slides give a clear impression to users about the services and goods provided.

Strategy of the site:
The site design is totally new, mobile responsive, social HTML 5 WEB 2.0  site, with a brand new concept though it is using an 2 year old domain with basic WEB 1.0 site. To have a competitive being, the new site offers to its potential customers related content, including Comprehensive List of Services,  Product List, neat infographics,  Slides and Testimonials to makes it easier for clients knowing about the services available very closely. The site also integrates the Brand Asset Protection News and Blog which are also well designed.

Design and navigation: The site is easy to use thanks to the clear links and the themes related visuals that help the users efficiently benefit from the different aspects in the site.

Geo tagging and social links: We created company profiles and put appropriate social links, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and including re-post buttons. Also, the site is tagged to a Google map to make its search-able by locals!

Readability: We worked hard to make no clutter in the site. There is an intelligent mixture of white space and column size. The site uses Brand Asset Protection industry jargon.

Design Aesthetics Overall: The site is created by design experts who understands blending visuals, information and navigation architecture well. It also incorporates a good balance with blog posts. Everything there seems well thought out and planned. There are also awesome suitable images representing Brand Asset Protection Industry.

Content: The site’s architecture is well organized, Google SEO complied, despite being challenging in beginning and blogs different fresh articles. The blog area and the new images at the gallery section are new and very creative. Each page has original and content related images clearly representing the article itself and helping visitor to comprehend the text.

Brand Awareness: Clear use of right corporate branding colors to represent Brand Asset Protection services: blue menu panel, white,  light grey and red colour accents. Clever Usage of  images like umbrellas, or red seals to represent brand protection industry itself.



For us, Bettiblue team, web design is an art that mixes both intelligence and talent. The ultimate result is an outstanding image that appeals to all people worldwide and attract customers to business. We place clients on a globe with a taste and a right message.