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Case Study Concept for

brand development

12 Oct Case Study Concept for

Case study of design, branding and business concept in the process of development.

New ideas, new concepts and a distinguished style are what made our work a success.

Bettiblue Team works hard to make any business of our client on the top of his competitors. Following is an example of a club concept and brand development proposal from our team. We worked on everything from design and branding to the business plan.

The brief was to reposition the brand creating a broader understanding as to what Bondi Culture is about, considering the values, services and overall offering. The message needed to have an emotional link to the consumer and position Bondi Club as the name synonymous with Bondi community, fitness and self improvement. Bettiblue Team have delivered an integrated campaign from brand guidelines, product ideas, promotional items, trade and consumer.

Bondi Club is a weight and fitness business that needed a strong site to attract as many customers as possible. For this reason, Bettiblue and team, thought differently. We had to make the site looks like the business itself. Therefore, we had to work on different concept to make it worth the kind of business.

• Color and overall style: We chose to be in cranberry red color – means in unisex. The images are in black and white. The nice harmony of cranberry red and the white creates a clean sophisticated environment and indicates the high of quality of the club. The use of boxy, slashed style and choice of color palette: red, dark brown, sunflower yellow also gave a chic look to the site. brand development

• Graphics: the sport graphics hint on the era of 1930s, when fitness craze started and now has been developed in the modern world.

• Naming and Branding: Supplements are getting more realistic with an organic tones, this club again going to cater for sophisticated crowd from a crazy of sport/fitness area in Sydney – called Bondi (This is from which the site name came). “Limitless” is very good branding name indeed as it show that there is no limit to the site to be in its customers’ side till they reach their objectives. The slogans are good but they are in the process of making.

LONG-JACK brand development

• Concept: We create the feel of a club community not a fitness centre. The concept of the club is unique. Its users will feel concerned like one. They may also share their concerns and issues. This may explain why the price is very high for membership.

brand development

• Site administration: New trainers will have a very easy data entry. It is also very easy to browse the site and navigate classes’ timetable. The blog entry is very clear and easy to use too. What more important about the site is that it is very modern, slick and mobile phone responsive. You can access the site whenever and wherever you are if you are one of the club’s members.

Article by Nadia Sadak

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