Content Marketing is a King and here is the Kingdom Explanation
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Content Marketing is a King, here is the Kingdom.

content marketing

01 Jul Content Marketing is a King, here is the Kingdom.

Content Marketing is meaningful content that delivers something: worthwhile, helpful, informative, entertaining and builds rapport with your audience.[framed_box]
Great copywriting is meant to prompt visitors to your website to take action like sign-up for an email newsletter or purchase a product on a landing page.
Content marketing, on the other hand, is copywriting’s big brother; it’s blogs, podcasts, ebooks, white papers and video that are created directly for the purpose of marketing.
[/framed_box]Before you think about investing in professional copywriting services to optimize your website, it’s important to understand that online marketing is not just an online CV or newspaper ad, not landing page pimping your products or services, not an advertising banner you see down the side of your Facebook page.
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content marketing for example:  e-book

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content marketing is, for example:

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  • a graphic designer’s wiki entry that tells you how to create the infographics
  • public speaker teacher’s podcast on proper pronunciation
  • an artist’s video that shows you how to use watercolor
  • a new web tool developer’s screen casting that explain how to combine video, presentation and audio technologies
  • a yoga teacher’s video that promote the e-book, executed by [/list]

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10 Top Marketing Contents:

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  1. Blog
  2. E-newsletter
  3. Video
  4. Mobile/IPad Applications
  5. Online News Release
  6. e-Book
  7. Case Study
  8. Testimonials
  9. Microblogging (i.e., Twitter)
  10. Facebook Stories Page ( sponsored page not a fun page).[/list]


More Top Marketing Content:

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  1. Webinar /Webcast.
  2. Infographics
  3. Online Survey Research Project
  4. Discussion Forum
  5. VMS ( video massaging service app )
  6. Screencast
  7. White Paper
  8. e-Learning Series
  9. Audio Book
  10. Video blog (vlog)[/list]


What Are Your Best Options? 
Consider a blog a main dish of a content marketing menu

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  • Increase traffic to your website if updated regularly and make you easier to find in the search engines
  • Give you a platform to develop and promote your own brand online that you control
  • Writing a blog provides an opportunity to establish yourself as thought leader and help to support your online reputation
  • Provides a platform to showcase other content such as podcasts, videos, and ebooks – see our 20 top content marketing list
  • Blogs are one of the best ways to create a central hub to which all your great social media program lead.[/list]

Copy-writing is a Critical Part of Your Content Marketing

Even if you develop a well-thought-out content marketing strategy, clearly pinpointing the kind of content that will help foster a greater rapport with, and produce plenty of content, it won’t be worth a thing if your site doesn’t have great copy-writing.

It’s easy to spot a blog that lacks copy-writing because it won’t encourage people to take action such as click through headlines, purchase an e-book or subscribe to the blog; it won’t drive visitors through to landing or sales pages, and it won’t turn visitors into customers. To give your business the best chance of success you need to combine an integrated online marketing campaign delivering a combination of text, video and audio with strategic copy-writing that gets the visitors to your site to take the kind of action you want.

Customer relationship management and scheduling  campaigns on line.

Trouble is, it takes time, energy and serious amounts of planning to bash out blog posts, record podcasts, make videos, engaging in social media and all that other stuff that you have to do to successfully market your business online.
One of the best things you can do to help you grow your business is use a customer relationship management (CRM) model for managing your daily interaction with clients, sales prospects and customers and content marketing campaigns
With social media increasingly an integral part of the way we do business, a new and exciting breed of CRM have emerged integrating social into CRM.
One of the most interesting solutions out there is Nimble, which easily connects all your contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations in one place, allowing you to listen to and engage with all you contacts from within the browser.

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Manage your content marketing and social media projects here:
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