Free Tools for Identify Identify and Empower Social Media Influencers
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Free Tools for Identify Social Media Influencers


30 Jun Free Tools for Identify Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers, Online authorities and Opinion formers. Influence  is a concept difficult to evaluate since it refers to both subjective and objective values, resulting in a measurement of: commercial and financial success, reputation and credibility, quality of affiliations and contacts, charisma and the impact of personality

To stand out from the masses and to reach their audience, professionals and companies must focus on relevant content to be able to engage efficiently. Social media influencers have become new channels of information and new web publishers or content curators. Knowing that their leadership is largely dependent on the quality and value of how they engage, they deserve special attention.

Understanding the Value of  Your Social Media Influencers.

How to Identify and Empower Those Who Can Engage an Entire Community.

Avoiding unnecessary dispersal on all social platforms, the social media influencers are strategically positioned on key targeted networks, where they received broad exposure. They are generous when knowledge is shared and relies on the quality of content to build commitment. The amplification of his/ her network of followers is multiplied through distribution channels, thus resulting in a favorable score of influence.  Fame is reflected both in a presence on social networks based on the quality of his/her accomplishments and achievements in real life.

Meet Your Favorite Social Archetypes.

The question today is not whether you should use social media, but how you should use the information your constituents are sharing on social media to attract more people to your mission and make your marketing campaigns more successful. The answer to the question lies in understanding your social media constituents and identifying which ones are the most well-connected, influential, and, in a word, social.

Understanding your supporters and key social media influencers can be a challenging task. Here are four social media Archetypes we’ve come up with to help you better engage with your social supporters.
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  • Key Social Media Influencers — These individuals have a powerful impact on not only the people they know but also social media members they don’t know. Their posts are widely read and shared by more people than posts generated by any other group.
  • Socializer — The individuals in this group have well-established social networks and are strong influencers of people they know personally.
  • Crossing platforms Consumers — This group enjoys keeping up with social media content and occasionally participates. They influence to some extent, but their sphere of influence is not a dominant part of their persona. They will subscribe and purchase coupon/discount social buying group’s offers. This group will use Linkedin’s platform only to get a new job.
  • Standard Consumers — These social media users passively read and watch updates more than they create new content or make comments, and they are influenced by their more socially active friends and family. [/list]
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Klout’s matrix of influence offers no fewer than twelve different types of Social Media Influencers that include: the specialist, the activist, the socializer, the observer to the broadcaster, curator to the thought leader.
Many users do not give great importance to this matrix, but we still going to include in our post;

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The science of measuring influence on social media is still in its infancy, much like silent films during the 1920′s. Early attempts to establish metrics for measuring influence on social media has uncovered huge potential for tools, both for marketing communications and collaboration needs.  The best is yet to come for this opportunity.

Attensity 360, Brandwatch, Radian6, Alterian, Scoutlabs, Sysomos, Synthesio, Social Radar and PeerIndex – are certainly market leaders and offer comprehensive, cross-platform social media monitoring, engaging and influencer identification, they all come at a price. So is there a way of finding social media influencers without paying for tools?

There are a plethora of FREE TOOLS that you could use to identify social media influencers. However, unlike the tools above, very few of them work across the different social media platforms and most focus on one particular area of social media – mostly Twitter, but some also do blogs and forums.

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Here’s a list of some of the free tools that could be used to find Social Media Influencers :

  • Addict-o-matic – produces a a consolidated page with search matches across blogs, Twitter, Digg, Flickr and more.
  • Alltop – the online magazine rack – search for influential bloggers listed by specific subject and topics.
  • Blogpulse – an automated trend discovery system for blogs. It analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere.
  • Boardreader – search engine for forums. Get fast and quality search for your own forum.
  • Buzzstream – helps you build a dossier about your Social Media Influencers.
  • Dailylife – search news and editorial commentary for influencers in traditional media.
  • Facebook – use the “search” function to identify topics and people who are talking about them.
  • Google – possibly still the ultimate free tool for finding Social Media Influencers, especially since the launch of  Google Blog search, Google Realtime search and their “Discussion” search option.
  • HubSpot Twitter grader – check the power of a twitter profile compared to millions of others that have been graded.
  • IceRocket – search social networking sites and blogs to find influencers and online creators (people who upload images or talk passionately on a social network about a brand).
  • Klout – currently the most respected measure of Twitter influence, Klout allows users to track the impact of their opinions, links and recommendations.
  • Lijit – build relationships with the online Social Media Influencers and connect directly to their audiences.
  • MentionMap – visualiser tool that allows you to quickly assess the most influential people on Twitter.
  • Monitter – monitor Twitter for key words, phrases and topics that are being discussed online.
  • ObjectiveMarketer – find your influencers and amplifiers across various social media platforms.
  • PeerIndex – helps you discover the authorities and opinion formers on a given topic.
  • PostRank analytics – discover your influencers, identify which social networks give you most traction and benchmark yourself against the competition.
  • Pulse of the Tweeters – uses data mining and sentiment analysis to mine millions of tweets and find the most influential people on Twitter.
  • Socialmention – features an interesting combination of metrics including reach, sentiment, passion, and strength for blogs, Twitter, news, images, video, and audio.
  • Social Profile – keeps you informed of other peoples’ activity in the social web.
  • Social Seek – helps you find out who is making the most noise about your brand.
  • Technorati – considered to be the leading blog search engine – useful for finding influential blogs.
  • TipTop – Search for current trends and topics of interest.
  • TouchGraph – interactive graphs to help visualise links and for mind mapping.
  • Trendistic – find out the what the most influential topics of discussion are on Twitter.
  • Tribe Monitor – measure presence across several different social media platforms.
  • Twazzup – real-time news based on Twitter focused sentiment, top links etc.
  • Tweetlevel – measures an individual’s importance on Twitter.
  • Twendz -helps  see who your Social Media Influencers are on Twitter.
  • Twitalyzer – Twitter focused tool looking at influence, impact and engagement.


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