Nanotags or Microdots Protection Technology for Your Brand's Assets
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NanoTags or MicroDots Protection Technology

Microdots Protection Technology

22 Jul NanoTags or MicroDots Protection Technology

Microdots Protection Technology as Nanotag System

Microdots or Microtagging or Microtags are GENERIC names of  Microscopic Identification Protection Technologies. Nanotags, Nanotag Technology or Nanotag Identification System are Microscopic Identification Protection Technology and PROPRIETARY descriptions of products and systems by Nanotag Technology Ltd.  (smart phone versus iphone for an analogy)
Preventing Theft, Speeding Recovery, Reducing Insurance Costs.
Magnified “nanotags”, trademark name for microtags or microdots, are a state of the art innovative identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets in any stage of manufacturing or distribution or your personal staff. Virtually any item can be secured by the Nanotag Microscopic Identification Protection Theft Prevention System in only a few minutes.

Proven Theft and Counterfeit Prevention

Hundreds or thousands of invisible miniscule “tags” or “nanotags” with unique security identification code are applied to almost any item – microchips to space ships! Individual components of a marked item are traceable and easily authenticated preventing theft and/or counterfeiting.

Easy, Permanent Application
Applications customized by spray, brush, roll, integrated to paint and many other applicators depends on production for use on autos, electronics and metals theft prevention. Nanotag Identifications (patented) System will be the most universal Microtagging Protection Technology for your needs.

Low Cost
Effective theft prevention for pennies per component. Thousands of microtags in each applicator are enough to mark and protect dozens of valuable items.
Until recently, microtagging technology has not been available at prices to enable universal adoption. The highly effective Nanotag Microtagging Theft Prevention is now possible at an affordable price thanks to advances in nano technology, metallurgy and the internet.
Virtually any item can be secured by the Microdots Protection Technology in only a few minutes.

How Do Nanotag Microtagging Protection Technology Preventing Theft?
Security identification code, number or name is etched or coded into each miniscule information particle.
Owners mark their valuables with taggants and register in the provider database
Law enforcement officials identify owner via security identification code registered in database
Microtaggings speed recovery of lost, stolen items and reduce insurance costs

How Do Nanotag Microtagging Protection Technology Preventing Counterfeit?
Microtagging can provide a layer of security that is robust, inconspicuous, and nearly impossible to counterfeit. The micro-sized tags can be incorporated into the product in a variety of ways depending on its composition and manufacturing process. Authentication can be performed in the field via an optical reader. The Microdots Protection Technology by Nanotag System can be designed to be either self-authenticating or can reference additional product information in a secure databases, with the level of security scaled to the client’s needs.

Nanotag Identifications  system will be the most universal Microtagging Protection Technology for your needs.

Microdots Protection Technology

About NanoTag Identification, the most Advanced Microdots Protection Technology.

NanoTag Technology was formed in 2009 to focus on providing microscopic security and authentication solutions to companies and individuals around the globe. Its patent pending technology and application methods have been developed over the last 24 months to provide highly secure and indestructible identification to virtually any item. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company’s Executive Chairman as of May 10, 2010 is Ian P. Allen, the pioneer of microtag technology globally. Mr. Allen was previously the founder and CEO of DataDot Technology from 2001 to 2009.

DataDots were a wonderful product using century old photographic processes, I am excited to advance to the nanotech based metallic, Optically Variable Device technology employed in NanoTags. With the nickel based NanoTag, we deliver a virtually indestructible high security and authentication system which will not fade, burn, melt or degrade. NanoTags offer significantly higher value to our customers across all sectors with a variety of sized and shaped devices.

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