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Microtag identification a proactive stand against motorcycle theft.


25 Jun Microtag identification a proactive stand against motorcycle theft.

Thousands of KTM – ID tags are distributed throughout the motorcycle.

KTM Australia has announced that it has taken a proactive stand against motorcycle theft in Australia by applying microtag nanotag identification to its entire range starting with the 2013 model year available from July 2012. KTM now joins Yamaha (Yamaha – DNA) in leading the motorcycle industry in theft deterrence by applying this comprehensive marking system to protect their customers and machines against theft.

The KTM – ID system consists of thousands of microtags that are applied throughout the bike including its mechanical and suspension components. The system uses a clear durable adhesive that has a ‘UV’ trace to provide easy identification of applied areas. A simple inexpensive magnifier allows the tags to be read.

Because more than 50 per cent of stolen motorcycles in Australia are off road models that are unregistered at the time of theft both the KTM – ID and Yamaha – DNA utilise unique security numbers that are linked to a full description of individual machines including the VIN and engine numbers on the importers’ databases. Police and transport authorities are able to utilise a free call telephone number to access these descriptions including contact details for the original purchaser of the machine direct from the importer.

In the 12 months to March 2012 almost 8,000 motorcycles were stolen in Australia constituting 13 per cent of all vehicle thefts. Of these almost 60 per cent were never recovered. Many unrecovered motorcycles are stripped down and their parts are used to repair damaged machines or are sold on the black market. The presence of pervasive physical identifiers provides investigators with an essential tool that greatly improves the likelihood of the true identity of a stolen machine or separated parts being confirmed, leading to more cost effective and successful investigation.

KTM – ID is manufactured by Nanotag Technology Pty Ltd.

Jeff-Leisk-managing-director-ktm and nanotag

Jeff Leisk, Managing director KTM and Ian Allen, SEO Nanotag Technology Pty Ltd.

Features of the system

•     The  microtags  are overt  to  achieve maximum deterrence and due to their sheer numbers will withstand all but the most determined attempts to find and remove them.
•     When applied to all machines in a model range any machine without tags will immediately be suspect.
•     By being linked to the importers’ databases the unique security number provides authorities with access to a full and accurate description of the individual machine
and details of its original owner – something that is not currently available for unregistered off roaders.

If you wish to know more about the KTM – ID and Yamaha – DNA systems please contact the Council on info@carsafe.com.au

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This special edition of Theft Torque will be reproduced on the CAR-SAFE website at www.carsafe.com.au

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