NanoTag Next Generation Asset & Brand Protection by BB Digital Agency.
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NanoTag Next Generation Asset Protection


06 Jul NanoTag Next Generation Asset Protection

What Nanotag Protection for?  Attacks on product and brand integrity through counterfeiting, diversion through supply chain and ingredient substitution are a global problem. They impact on the quality and performance of products as well as impact on the ability of companies to generate their maximum legitimate revenue.

The global financial impact of counterfeiting in 2010 was put at USD$600 Billion and internet sales of counterfeit goods are set to reach over USD$125 Million globally in 2012.

Existing methods of combating this epidemic include Holograms, Security inks and Yarns, Embedded images, non uniform packaging and more recently, forensic methods of trace yarn in garments.

Holography has been the weapon of choice for decades when combating counterfeiting. The issue with holograms and the other methods listed is that they can either be easily and cheaply replicated, are limited in their application to materials and packaging or require specialised equipment and analysis to identify their presence.


NanoTag Identification (NTID) cannot be replicated or reverse engineered.

NanoTags are easily applied to paper and woven substrates as well as integrated into packaging materials, labels and tapes.

Applications can be overt and covert depending on the critical outcomes brands and producers want to realise. Covertly, NTID can be suspended in UV sensitive adhesives and overtly, applied openly for easy verification with readily available and inexpensive magnifying devices.

The key is in their size (smaller than a grain of sand) and their resisitance to extremes of heat and cold which makes them incredibly versatile. They are Optically Variable Devices (OVD’s) which are chemically etched on a nickel substrate and can carry a unique, high resolution logo and 10 character alpha numeric SIC which acts as the fingerprint of any item they are placed on.

Nanotag applications can be many and varied:

[framed_box][list style=”checked”]

  • Application to paper labels, woven labels, fabric and garments in the apparel industry
  • Component and finished goods protection for OEM’s.
  • Document, currency and package protection/validation.
  • Integration into METO labels and tapes for protection through supply chain.
  • Integration into primary labels and packaging materials.
  • In store marking for asset protection and stolen item recovery verification.
  • Direct to consumer sales for asset, product and document protection.[/list]

Only NanoTag Identification (NTID) can give you the security you need to stop attacks on your brand
as well as the peace of mind that your products reach consumers as you intended. Safe and secure.



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