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Never underestimate the Power of Colour.


27 Apr Never underestimate the Power of Colour.

Once you’ve chosen your colours it’s vital that your brand stays true to them – if your corporate colours are young and vibrant make sure that your marketing materials, your staff, the way you answer the phone and your product mix reflect this.

Finally, what good is a well thought through and meaningful colour palette if your colours don’t remain consistent. Look at the world’s leading brands like Qantas or Coca Cola for example – how many shades or variations of their chosen colour do you see around the world or across different media?

The answer none – where ever you see their logo it is always displayed in their exact tone of red and so it should be for your brand colours too. Use spot colour printing for your marketing collateral or at very least have an approved four colour process breakdown for your key colours, especially for print advertising. Make sure your colour remains true online and invest in having a detailed brand style guide for anyone and everyone to follow.

In short – never underestimate the power of colour.


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