Case Study: Online Strategy - Digital Media Management
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Case Study: Online Strategy

Online Strategy MASTERPLAN for NANOTAG

Bettiblue Masterplan for incorporates various online strategies, with a commitment to keeping your online marketing plan simple, result-focused and cost-effective. It includes the short-term ‘instant marketing’ strategies that will allow you to trigger marketing campaigns and boost sales anytime you want, as well as long-term strategies for growth and sustainability.


Your online marketing plan can include only the few strategies that resonate most with your business, or the entire Masterplan! The point is, all online strategies we recommend have their own power to bring more customers and profits to your business, whether you use them independently or together. Often, combining 2 or 3 strategies helps you leverage your efforts and multiply your results.


Marketing your business will always be about promoting your brand, selling your products and services, and building trust and relationships with your customers. While all of this can be done offline through traditional marketing strategies, there are also huge opportunities to grow your market, strengthen your brand and generate business online.
These opportunities include:

  1. Being found where customers are searching the most: Google.
  2. Getting found quickly and instantly by customers looking for your products/services.
  3. Attracting ultra-targeted traffic (not paying to market to people who don’t care).
  4. Benefiting from inexpensive marketing strategies.
  5. Marketing your deals or new products instantly to your target market and
  6. Established customer list.
  7. Automating and managing your marketing campaigns easily.
  8. Building a list, and developing relationships and trust with your customers.
  9. Offering more value to your customers via your website and email campaigns.
  10. Measuring your marketing ROI and customer behaviours, with web analytics.
  11. Constantly driving traffic back to your website
  12. Generating repeat business from loyal customers, simply by keeping in touch.

The bridge between your office and your online presence
It’s not just about ‘having a website’ or ‘being online’.
It’s about making the most of your online presence and effective
marketing strategies to grow your business, online and offline.
It’s as much about gaining new customers as it is about retaining them.
The Masterplan
Our Masterplan integrates the most effective yet simple strategies for businesses to build an online presence and generate more business, online and offline. It caters for short- term marketing needs as well as long-term growth and sustainability in promoting your brand and business online.
While all strategies are interconnected, they can be used in various combinations.

The MAIN strategies in the Online Masterplan for B2B and B2C Business are:

  1. Website and Blog
  2. SEO Program
  3. List Building and Email Marketing
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Social Media
  6. Online Content Marketing

Online Strategy MasterPlan for B2B By Bettiblue

Nanotag Website

  • Main site is done. Maintenance and additional content needed on regular bases.
  • Adding small e-commerce element for tagging pen packagers will benefit the site.


  • Blog is done. Maintenance and additional content twice a week needed on regular bases.


  • In-site SEO for blog articles and images on regular bases.
  • Off-site Site Optimisation and Monthly SEO Maintenance,
  • Our SEO program is integrated with Social Media and Content Building/Marketing
  • See the list  of services below the main text.

List Building / Email Marketing
Capturing the email addresses of your visitors is the first step for lead generation online. It will allow you to build a list of potential customers, those who are prepared to trust you and your brand, and to market your products and services to them over time.

Building a list is vital because people who come across your business for the first time may not be ready to buy at that particular moment. They may be looking for information or simply browsing. Or, you may not have the exact product they are looking for at that particular time. However, some of those visitors can become your future customers (should you take the right steps!). You may need to build trust first with those potential customers, or you may just need to catch them at the right time in the future.

For Nanotag the LIST is going to be build in 3 ways:

  1. Existing clients
  2. Linkedin build up list
  3. Website/blog database from downloads

The next step is to build a strong email campaign that regularly delivers valuable messages. Emails must always add value and must be delivered regularly. Having a list of potential customers is a major asset to your business. Through your regular email campaigns or email newsletters, we will be able to:

  • promote special offers
  • keep your visitors coming back to your website
  • build trust and loyalty from your customers
  • be perceived as an expert in your field (through the content in an emails)
  • be in front of your customers at the right time, when they are ready to buy your goods and services

Email campaign design & content in professional style.
See below the sample of e-mail marketing campaign in HTML

Social Media/ Content Marketing  Strategies

Nanotag website, blog and social media profiles will allow you to drive free traffic using a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is highly reliant on social media and search engine optimisation.
Your ‘Content’ online is the lifeblood of free marketing.
In a nutshell, we must provide unique and relevant content on your website and blog, share it on social media, and have people share and engage with your content. This will allow Nanotag business to be found on social media (through your profiles and pages), on search engines like Google (organic rankings – that is, search engines recognising that your website is relevant for the keywords searched), and on other people’s websites (when you interact with or share their content).

‘Content’ includes:

  • Your website pages
  • Your Blog posts and Articles
  • Your Videos
  • Your Podcasts
  • Your White Papers & Brochures
  • Your Power Point Presentations
  • Your Testimonials
  • Your Case Studies
  • Status updates on your social media profiles and pages
  • Sharing other people’s relevant content on social networks (e.g. Share on
  • LinkedIn, Retweet on Twitter, etc.)
  • Posting comments on your social networks and others’ profiles and pages
  • Backlinks: having your content and links to your website posted on other relevant
  • Websites (e.g. guest blogging, link exchange, etc.)

Paid Marketing (service from 3rd party)

When used appropriately, these strategies can provide an effective, ‘instant’ marketing solution to bring targeted traffic to Nanotag website and dominate the first page on the keywords.
Paid marketing can be viewed as the ultimate ‘fast and short-term’ answer to getting traffic, boosting sales ‘on-demand’ and be on the first pages. With the ability to measure your advertising ROI using web analytics, you can always monitor the performance of your paid marketing strategies to refine your campaigns and increase your profits, while maintaining your most effective campaigns active for the long-term.

  • Pay Per Click Program
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Banner placements
  • Paid classifieds

Note: Bettiblue can only advice and monitor Paid marketing strategy as part of our service.



Pre-Optimization Web Analysis
Keyword Research and Selection

2 step. ON-Page Optimization

Titles Tags Generation
Description Meta Tags Optimization
Keyword Meta Tags Optimization
Image (ALT) Tags Optimization
Hyperlink Optimization
Heading Tag Optimization
Main Sitemap Generation
XML Sitemap Creation and Submission
Text Sitemap Creation and Submission
RSS Feed Creation
Google Submission and Verification
Yahoo Submission and Verification
Bing Submission and Verification
Google Analytic Code Set Up
Google Directory DMOZ Submission
Robots.txt File Creation
Google Analytic Goal Setup
Keyword Footer
Text Navigational Links
Right Keyword Density
Web Page Interlinking
Content Optimization
Blog Setup on Website
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Home Page W3C Validation
Proper Linking Structure
Yahoo Directory Submission
Search Engine Friendly Content
Canonical Tag Implementation
Google Profile Creation
Broken/Dead Link Checking
Webmaster Tool Management

3. Monthly steps & First Step. OFF-Page Optimization:

Google Local Submission
Link Generation (One Way + Reciprocal) 20 monthly
Directory Submissions
Link Popularity Analysis
Article Submission  20 monthly
Press Release 20 monthly
Forum Posting 20 monthly
Business Classified Submission

4. Monthly steps & One-off Social Media Optimization:

Social Bookmaking

Blog Creation and Promotion

Squidoo Lense Creation

Hub Page Creation

Video Submission

Link Wheel

5. Monthly steps. Reporting & Maintenance:

Monthly SEO Progress Report
Monthly Website Analysis & Maintenance