PowerPoint Presentation
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Why You Need Outstanding PowerPoint Presentation

Case Study: PowerPoint Presentation for a Brand

Your PowerPoint Presentation is part of your personal brand and that of your organisation. If you’re still clinging to bullets and regular slides, you’re damaging your brand and it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are as a presenter.

Just like Pavlov’s dogs, it’s a conditioned response. Pavlov’s dogs salivated when Pavlov rang a bell because they anticipated being fed. Audiences deflate when the presenter uses bullets or regular slides with stock cartoons because they anticipate being bored. The Multimedia revolution already happened. People have seen PowerPoint used to show images to inspire and amuse, to show diagrams to clarify and explain, and to show charts that make data meaningful rather than deadly. So when you show slide after slide of bullets, your audience will make that mean that you’re out-of-date and that you and your organisation stuck in the past. The audience may be thinking “If you’re lazy about preparing your presentation, what else are you lazy? When you sit through a lengthy bullet-point presentation, do you say to yourself  “The presenter could have sent me the slides for me to read and that would be a lot quicker?

The lesson is that if your slides aren’t brief, engaging, entertaining, you will damage your brand by negative reactions.

PowerPoint Presentation for Nanotag.com by Bettiblue

Abalone Industry, Brand Protection Seminar, Nanotag.com
Presentation by Ian Allen, CEO of Nanotag Technology Pty Ltd, on July 2012, Hobart, Australia

20 slides, animations, original images, corporate template

Powerful PowerPoints presentation could be the simplest and cost effective way to improving your business.

We Do More Than Just Graphics

Yes, we do have particular expertise with stunning multimedia effects and 3D animation in PowerPoint, but stunning graphics is no guarantee of success. Your real aim is to communicate, persuade, impress and most importantly, get results. Structure, content, design and delivery interwoven, and that is our expertise.

Research has shown that good PowerPoint can provide you (or your competitors) with a significant competitive advantage and significantly increase people´s desire to do business with you. We approach your presentation with a results orientation, not just beautiful slides. Creating a good presentation requires more than that. It involves a deep understanding of how people absorb information in a presentation and what is needed to move people to action.

All respondents from research had seen at least one PowerPoint type presentation in the last three months, with over 55% seeing more than one a month and over 1 in 10 averaging one per week. There were mixed results in the current standard of presentations. 65% of respondents rated the general quality of presentations as good, although only 10% rated them as excellent. Over 80% had experienced poor quality presentations and 1 in 4 admitted falling asleep during a presentation!

When vying for business, an organisation that gives high quality presentations has a competitive advantage.” Over 93% of respondents either agree or strongly agree with this presentation, only 1.6% disagree. Agreement was even higher with Managers, Administrators & Professionals.


I am more likely to do business with an organisation that gives a high impact presentation.” 76.8% of respondents agree or strongly agree with the statement. There is a big opportunity for smart organisations to improve their performance in the design and delivery of high impact presentations. In other words, investing in a Powerful PowerPoints presentation could be the simplest and cost effective way to improving your business.