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“Simple Wikipedia” for business success

"Simple Wikipedia" for business success

26 Oct “Simple Wikipedia” for business success

Business Success through “Simple Wikipedia”

The Wikipedia page always shows up in Google top searches. It gives credibility and exposure to your company – its the untapped goldmine for your business success.  But is it really simple Wikipedia or it it more complex ? Well, the answers depends how your company prepare for a  Wikipedia page. To make u enjoy “Simple Wikipedia,” we at Bettiblue have listed some steps that your company should follow:-

Ensure Broad-spectrum RR campaign: Maximum mentions in the press, and more visibility at blogs/social media pages makes you more “notable and legitimate”. Keep your website up-to-date with thorough information on your organization.

Do not restrict yourself: Wikipedia is simply about sharing and collaborating. Most of the editors on Wikipedia write about different subjects, so it is not considered good if you only concentrate on the promotion of your business. So build some connections at wiki by adding information on pages of your expertise. This way Wikipedia becomes “simple Wikipedia” for you.

Find In-house expertise: If any Wikipedia volunteer is already working in your company, he can recommend an effective strategy for your business.

Learn from Wikipedia: Wikipedia provides you several articles “how to” articles, they ensure Wikipedia remains simple.

Start with stub: Initially you do not need a 1000 words article, an article having a sentence or two would be ideal to start the “simple Wikipedia” collaboration.

Third party links: Wikipedia accepts links about your company so you can always add those in the external links.

Use discussion page: To accrue the maximum benefits of “Simple Wikipedia,” use the discussion pages available with each wikipage to get expert help.

Business Success through Simple Wikipedia

If you want your organization to be listed in Wikipedia, bettiblue can always guide you. In the next blog we will be discussing how Wikipedia has surpassed twitter, facebook and other social media marketing tools for its impact on your business.



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