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The Tipping Point

17 Jun The Tipping Point

A good scriptwriter will always tell you the number one rule for a good television or film script is to keep it ‘real’. Your copywriting or dialogue in brochures, your adverts and on your website are no different – it should be true, believable and speak the customer’s language. Don’t talk to your customers about your fertiliser and its ingredients but instead tell them about how it will make their lawn greener and their garden better.

For your headings and sub-headings incorporate the twelve most persuasive words like now, new, at last, discover, money, save, wanted, introducing, easy, love, you and proven. People read headlines – in print the power of the headline can be up to 90% of the success of the advert. If you want more clients you have to convince people to buy your product or service.

Your service means nothing until you convince others to buy it. It doesn’t matter if your brains is the best in the state. It doesn’t matter if you have the best education or even a PROVEN results But you can’t just go and shove your message down people’s throats. Not these days. Today people buy when they feel understood. They buy when there’s value alignment and when they feel that that you “get them.” You know what that feels like, right? Have you ever met someone and after some time of speaking or after several encounters you just clicked with that person?

Maybe you walked away from that person thinking “you know what?… this dude gets me.” You felt understood. And when you feel that way about someone all resistance is lowered. That’s the tipping point. When the prospect feels like “you get them.

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