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Video Marketing Combined with the Value of Drone.


27 Sep Video Marketing Combined with the Value of Drone.

Video Marketing Combined with the Value of Drone.

90% of online shoppers agree that video is helpful in making shopping decisions. The power of video is incontrovertible, but the power of aerial video taken by drone? Even better. Aerial video can be such an effective marketing tool because it is unconventional. Anyone can get footage of, say, a convention from the ground. But the aerial view of a convention is not an everyday visual.

Probably the two most valuable facets of video are its high engagement and high shareability. Think about it; no other medium includes both visual and auditory senses. That’s essentially what makes videos stand out. It is just as easy for an internet user to share a video as it is to share an article, podcast, or infographic, but videos are more exciting to share. More sensational. More engaging.

With the rise of drone technology, the drone video market only continues to expand. Regarding accessibility, drone videography is a relatively new trend. Any new trend that is likely to blossom is a trend that your business should take advantage. Although more and more companies are starting to use drones to capture stunning shots to share with their audiences, your business can still jump in early enough to profit from them.

How to Apply Drones to Your Marketing Strategy Right Now

Now that you know the potential of drone marketing for your business, it’s time to apply that knowledge. Check out the tips below for using drones for marketing.When you have access to drones, you have access to an entire market you never knew existed. Footage and photographs taken from the sky will put your business one step ahead of the game. You will be able to reach your niche through the shareability and accessibility of videos, and you will leave viewers thirsting for more.

Target your niche. For example, if you are in the wedding industry, taking some remarkable aerial videos and pictures of an outdoor wedding would dazzle your audience. Do not take aerial shots of visuals that don’t pertain to your niche!

Brand your business. If you only market your business and its products and services, you will not get very far. You have to promote your brand. Drones are one surefire way to brand your business since they make you stand out as cutting edge.

Live events. Your drone doesn’t have to be recording to capture audiences. At conventions and other local events, your business can show off its drone(s) by showing off some tricks and explaining how aerial footage works. By demonstrating your cool technology, you will attract new, local customers that will fall in love with your forward-thinking brand.

Create high-quality videos. If you offer your viewers shaky clips of your drone flying in the sky, they won’t be satisfied. You have to give your footage context, of course, and manipulate it to market your brand. Your company can do this by hiring skilled video editors on online markets.

Be creative. Unfortunately, you cannot find all the answers in a single article, on one website, or even on the entire internet. A lot of your success comes from you! Take some time to meet with your team and think of creative ways to use drones to market your business and make your brand stand out.

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