Why Google Plus Evolving into Powerful B2B Social Marketing Tool
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Why Google Plus so good for B2B?


01 Jul Why Google Plus so good for B2B?

It’s time for companies to take notice of how Google Plus evolving into a powerful B2B marketing tool.

You might say, “Another social platform we have to learn after we just manage to publish Fun page on Facebook and start tweeting?” We are already challenged to come up with enough quality content, and have to come with more ? And see if our customers and prospects are there?” but get over it. Social media is not a fad and Google Plus isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s rapidly becoming a powerful and sophisticated B2B marketing tool.

What Google Plus offers B2B:

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  • What’s there to expect. Search results are affected by the people you’re connected with, the relationships you have with them, and the content from each author. And don’t forget, +1 links could rank much higher in search engine results. Sites on G+ tend to be indexed very quickly. Social connections may hold more importance than links. And you can consolidate all you other quality content here on G+.
  • Take Action Promote G+ sharing by adding a +1 button to key site pages and all blog posts and by adding a link to the company’s Google Plus page to all site templates. This encourages Google Plus  users to come to you and increase your SEO results, (see infographic here). Get on there and start sharing content. Want to drive traffic to your blogs? Need more downloads for your e-books and white papers? Share links from blog on Google Plus. Prospects still find their way to your site and your content by search, and Google is giving B2B marketers another tool to help with that.
  • Create A Google+ business page. If you B2B marketer, you need to create personal profiles and business pages for their B2B companies. They enable to enhance and distribute your brand beyond the basic networking level. Identify people that are relevant to your business. Define your audience by demographic, location, topic, sales revenue, etc. Then, share their content. That’s the quickest way to build your community. Next, contribute content they find value in. This could be educational information on your product or service offering, industry or customer statistics, behind the scenes videos or photos of your star employees. Sharing information that benefits the readers, is interesting, unique, transparent and sincere, builds your brand. Multiple people can manage a page (which wasn’t possible at roll-out). And one more important clue to boost your traffic and exposure, always Geotag your Google Plus company page!
  • [one_half][lightbox src=”http://bettiblue.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/GooglePlus-geo-tagging.jpg” caption=”Google Geotagging”][framed_image][/framed_image][/lightbox][/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Geotagging, for example: Geotag your G+ company page! Geotagging is powerful tool, allowing you rank much higher in search engine results. As geotagging continues to evolve, Google search engines roll that into their algorithm as well as the other geolocation signals currently considered. Getting geotagging with Google Maps everything, including your blog pagers, setup now might help get you ahead of the game. [/one_half_last][one_half]
  • Add influential people and prospects: Add influential prospects to your circles in and around the industry you are selling into. Add existing connections who is your prospects and already using G+1 from your LinkedIn e-mail list. Always +1 and share their content as well as +1 and share related industry content. Ask them to follow you back. Think about the content THEY would be looking at. Why? Google Plus affects search results. Identify Social Media Influencers who active on Google Plus, and add them on your list. Do not mix Social Media Influencers with influential prospects, they different entities for a different purpose. [/list]

See how Google search engine promote Google Plus for user in the video:

[list style=”checked”]

  • Hangout with your prospects.  I love this one. Google Plus Hangouts for B2B Presentations & Sales can be an entirely new posts on our blog, as there is a lot to talk about. Google Plus Hangouts offers a new and creative way to interact using video with your current customers or prospects. It’s a fantastic video conferencing tool, you can conduct internal or external meetings, address customer service issues and host weekly group chats, training workshops and much more. These chats or workshops can be recorded, then optimized on Youtube for SEO purposes, lead generation and more social proof. Plus, you can follow up with current or perspective clients after the event because you can see who was in attendance. Everyone who already using Skype for conferencing could be converted to a Google’s free service. And Google own Youtube as well. [/list]

Millions of people use Google’s assorted free services (Gmail, My drive, Search, and so on). For Google Plus to flourish, Google must bind those services and Google+ functions together. You need to be able to break into an impromptu Hangouts video chat session involving the people you’re collaborating with to build a Google Docs spreadsheet in Google’s My drive. Your searches, where appropriate, should be much more driven by your social networking preferences and those of your friends.

To compete with big Facebook, Google must integrate Google+ with its other killer services so tightly that leaving the Google property you’re in and going to Facebook becomes a hassle. I think Google will eventually execute on this vision. And when it does, it will start to win users away from Facebook. This is a zero-sum game: Most people simply don’t have room in their lives for two separate social networks, a factor that’s helping Facebook tremendously right now. Mark Sullivan, PCWorld

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