Wikipedia Entry - The Untapped Goldmine For Your Business Success
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Wikipedia Entry – The Untapped Goldmine For Your Business Success

Wikipedia Marketing

16 Oct Wikipedia Entry – The Untapped Goldmine For Your Business Success

How Wikipedia Entry Helps Your Business Success

In the era of technology, it remains pivotal for all business to make available credible information to their clients over the internet. Wikipedia is one such popular portal where your company’s listing means higher hits, credibility and great Google search rankings – it is an untapped goldmine of opportunities for any business. Over the last 10 years, Wikipedia has surpassed other social media platforms for its impact since they are the world’s biggest online encyclopedia portal – a portal which is full of Gold for your business. Thus, Wikipedia can be successfully tapped by utilizing it as a marketing gizmo. For small and larger organizations and businesses, getting listed in the Wikipedia portal can prove a bundle of new clients and opportunities. A listing over there can help getting your business getting noticed by the customers and most important validating your existence in the league. And Google search results often lead right back to Wikipedia. Consumers track where customers are come from, and there is no question that Wikipedia is a driver.

Wikipedia is now ten years old. It is a public edited portal; it houses more than three million articles in English. Almost every large or small company can be found to be listed over there. For businesses its a way of proving authenticity to the public, and not getting listed over there has now become a little matter of disgrace. The readers visit the Wikipedia to search for some essential information about your business, and if they could not get it, they usually assume your company not so trustworthy to be paid an attention – you are missing the goldmine.

Get your business listed in Wikipedia.

Though getting listed in Wikipedia or getting Wikipedia entry looks extremely desirable, it also seems close to impossible to many companies who’ve tried and who still could not get successfully listed even after successive trials. Normally companies start publishing their articles themselves on Wikipedia, a practice Wikipedia call “Conflict of Interest”. This method of initiating a Wikipedia entry, results in early page deletion and negative feedback, which in turn proves more bad for your businesses than any good. We at Bettiblue make sure that you tap the goldmine the right way. By providing expert services for a Wikipedia page creation, Bettiblue ensures that your Wikipedia page is created as per the rules, done by experienced editors  and it stays there so that you can tap this goldmine of opportunities for your business.

If you want your organization to be listed in Wikipedia, Bettiblue can recommend to learn the steps and Wiki rules in our next blog post: Simple Wikipedia

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