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WIKIPEDIA is a crucial source for the Online Universe, plus being a top search result in GOOGLE.

If you want to be relevant today, you need to be listed in the encyclopedia. These days the crowd-sourced, non-profit Wikipedia project has all but obliterated all other encyclopedic sites, becoming one of the most widely visited websites on the internet. Wikipedia holds real prime real estate on Google’s search results page.  It’s usually pops up in one of the top five spots.


Because Wikipedia is managed by a community of editors (read: there’s nobody in charge), editing Wikipedia entries is both an art (the style and tone of listings must be acceptable to the community) and science (information must be factual and referenced to credible outside sources). Bettiblue creates, expands and corrects Wikipedia entries for clients to make sure information is correct and complete.


By getting your brand, business or your persona listed on Wikipedia, you’re not only establishing yourself as an industry leader, you’re gaining a valuable web presence and SEO assistance, as links to your pages are indexed on the site.

Try that for “Apple” and “PayPal”!

But Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, where your entry is accepted if you meet certain standards of notability. If you are at wiki, your company can enjoy a very effective online marketing tool. However, to have a company wiki page is not that easy – besides being known in your own perspective,  you have to prove that your notability to all users who continue to monitor wiki pages. Poorly / unprofessionally done pages result in heavy deletions and editing; if your page has been deleted for some reason, it becomes very difficult to get it online again.


If you are interested in using this effective online marketing tool to your advantage, then read ahead!


Wikipedia is a Collaborative Encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is a online knowledge base which works on online collaborations of users. User (or even non users)  can post any page on its database, which is then accepted if it meets wiki writing guidelines, that are in fact quite strict. These guidelines ensure that wiki page remain unbiased and non promotional. Non adherence to guidelines results in quick page deletion. These guidelines are too complex for a normal user to understand – and the risk is great. If your company page is once deleted, it becomes very difficult to make it online again. Therefore, it is very important that such a technical task be handled by a professionals. If you’re creating a Wikipedia page, it’s better to get someone outside your company to create it. Wikipedia frowns upon companies creating their own pages. At ( we can help you develop Wikipedia pages and other online content that will boost your company’s reputation as well as its sales!


Wikipedia Can be Huge for Your Business.

All the hassle for a wiki page is worth it. A good wiki page gives you a reputable online presence and recognition of your notability. Your company page gets a automatic SEO boast on Google and more people start talking about your business. All these benefits eventually adds up in ensuring more sales for your company.

  • Reputation: A Wikipedia page adds a degree of legitimacy to your business.
  • Visibility: You’ll have one more legitimate website talking about your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): There will be another great website about your company at the top of Google’s search results.
  • Sales: All of these improvements will impact your sales.

It’s well worth it to create a Wikipedia page for your business or brand.  If you decide to undertake this project, it’s important to take your time and do it right. Remember here’s the catch. To ensure quality content, Wikipedia has set strict writing guidelines.


Why Having a Solid Wiki page is Not Easy Task.

Although the Wikipedia writing guidelines for businesses are available, but the task is cumbersome and grueling for a novice. From having a registered account (having a minimum approved edits restriction) to conducting a neutral research for your company where each sentence is to be supported by a reference similar to academic citations, is in fact a lot to ask from a new user. Furthermore, wiki does not like self promotion, so if it is proved that a company is making its own wiki page, the page is flagged for deletion.


Thus we recommend that professional companies should use professional help to create their wiki pages, so that they amicably avoid risk of deletion. Bettiblue can help you company is its exponential growth through online marketing, by making a wiki page that stays on wiki and meet all its complex standards – so you can focus on the company itself.


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